Our Story

Manavlar Gıda, which started to engage in beekeeping in 1954 under the leadership of Hacı Ahmet Manav, became a brand in 1993 with the arrival of the younger generation of the Manav Family and the brand Manavlar was born. Our brand, which established a new factory in Dalaman and began packaging and selling honey, continues to meet the demands of its customers in the domestic and foreign markets, using a modern state-of-the-art facility in Dalaman, which was built in accordance with international standards with a 5000 m2 indoor area.

We offer the world’s finest honey, harvested from clean and rich endemic plant species in the high altitude air of Turkey, to consumers all around the world with 65 years of experience. Our brand, which annually produces over 3500 tons of honey in Turkey, the second biggest producer of honey in the world, and dedicates 98% of its production to exportation, delivers the honey provided by selected beekeepers and analyzed in accordance with international standards, to 27 different countries today and ensures that Turkish honey is consumed approvingly.

Manavlar Gıda, which adopts fully natural means of production, proves the importance it gives to quality and food safety with FSSC2200 and ISO9001-2015 certificates. Having updated our logo and corporate identity along with our packaging in 2015, we deliver high-quality, natural Turkish honey all around the world by adding Canada and China to the list of countries we export to.