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Buram Bal

Buram Bal

For 27 years, Buram Bal has been offering the world’s finest honey, harvested from clean and rich endemic plant species in the high altitude air of Turkey, to consumers all around the world.

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7Bahar, which takes its name from the 7 different springs that occur in Turkey in one year, delivers the natural and flavorful products harvested in 7 separate springs all around the world.

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Our Products

Wild Honeycomb
250gr / 500gr

Produced in Anatolia by traditional means for centuries, Wild Honeycomb is produced in a dark hive for six months with no intervention to bees and hives and it is one of the latest examples of eco-friendly products in our country. Wild Honeycomb, which has been a source of flavor and health in these lands for centuries, is collected by specially-bred Caucasian Bees from 1200 species of flowers that are rich in nectar at the high-altitude highlands of Eastern Anatolia. Caucasian bees are able to collect all honey and nectar from flowers thanks to their long trunks. The fact that Wild Honeycomb is fully natural makes this honey very special. Its honeycomb is entirely edible. Wild Honeycomb is an invaluable and rare type of honey as it is a quite laborious and lasting task for bees to produce it.

Honey Comb
200 gr / 400 gr Plastic Bowl

Honey Comb is a natural type of honey that is found in sealed combs and unscathed honeycombs with no foreign substances. It is a very high-quality type of honey due to its aroma and density. Bees fill honeycomb pores with honey and seal pore tops with glaze, making natural bee honey preservable for years.

Honey with Comb
250 gr / 500 gr Glass Jar

Honey Comb is a natural type of honey that is found in sealed combs with no foreign substances. We combined extracted honey and comb honey in the glass jar, the healthiest type of packaging, for our customers who enjoy both types of honey.

Blossom Honey
250 gr / 500 gr Glass Jar

Turkey produces the world's finest honey due to having a high-altitude geography, clean air and most of the endemic plant species in the world while experiencing 4 climates at the same time. Blossom honey is harvested as a unique type of honey that is collected from thousands of flowers growing in our country.

Mountain Blossom Honey
250 gr / 500 gr Glass Jar

As can be understood from its name, mountain blossom honey is harvested from flowers that grow in the mountains. This type of honey generally has a brown color and a quite strong flavor. The reason behind this is the fact that the bees in mountainous areas extract their honey from flowering trees. It is recommended as a remedy in the early stages of diseases such as colds and flu in many books.

Pine Honey
250 gr / 500 gr Glass Jar

Pine honey is a rare type of honey produced by bees that collect the secretion of an insect living on the sap of certain pine trees in the Mediterranean climate. 90% of the world's pine honey is harvested in Turkey. Pine honey, which has unique features of taste, fragrance and color, is a natural source of energy, strength and health in itself.

Acacia Honey
250 gr / 500 gr Glass Jar

It is a type of honey that is obtained from the essential oils of the acacia tree, one of the plants in the natural vegetation of the Artvin region. It has a protective, strengthening and calming effect on the nervous system in particular.

Black Forest Honey
250 gr / 500 gr Glass Jar

After sucking the sap of the cedar tree, which grows in Mediterranean highlands, the scale insect called Marchalina Hellenica produces a secretion that is rich in organic acids, enzymes and minerals. Bees that collect this secretion enrich it for a second time with their own enzymes and transfer it to honeycombs. This way, Black Forest Honey is produced.

Orange Blossom Honey
250 gr / 500 gr Glass Jar

Orange Blossom is a type of honey that is unique to the Mediterranean region. It was determined that Orange Blossom Honey contains high levels of calcium phosphate and iron phosphate.

Marmaris orange blossom honey is known to be the most liked and preferred orange blossom honey.

Squeezable Blossom Honey, Squeezable Pine Honey
350 gr Plastic Bottle

It is a type of honey that will make your honey consumption easier and give you pleasure at each drop due to its ergonomic, squeezable bottle.

Honey with Nuts
450 gr / 750 gr Glass Jar

It is a healthy and natural snack that is produced by mixing carefully selected peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts with honey. With this product, you will feel energetic all day long...


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