Our Employment Process

Our Employment Process

Our main objective in the employment process is to select success-oriented individuals with a high learning motivation who can adapt to our institutional culture by revealing the compliance between the job and the candidate.

You can submit your application to our team by;
- Applying to our vacancy announcements in the career portals,
- Filling out the “Job Application Form” included in our website,
- Applying to our factory (Headquarters) in person.

We examine all applications and respond to our candidates who provide suitable qualifications to the vacant positions. In the employment process, our Human Resources and department managers conduct the interview together. The methods that we use in our selection and placement process (general ability test, inventories, foreign language exam, etc.) differ according to the vacant position.

All employed individuals undergo “MANAVLAR GIDA Adaptation Training”, duration of which varies in accordance with the position. We provide an easy adaptation process for our new employees through adaptation training.