Turkish Honey, the heavenly gift of nature
and a miraculous nutritional source…

Honey in Turkey
Turkey produces a great variety of high quality honeys and exports to almost anywhere in the world. Turkey is the second largest honey producer in the world with 105.000 tons production annually.


Pine Honey

A natural source of energy and health...

Pine honey is a rare type of honey produced by bees that collect the secretion of an insect living on the sap of certain pine trees in the Mediterranean climate. 90% of the world's pine honey is harvested in Turkey. Pine honey, which has unique features of taste, fragrance and color, is a natural source of energy, strength and health in itself.

We offer uncompromised
quality and food safety with our

We introduce the world to high-quality
Turkish honey by exporting it
to 36 countries around the world
from Canada to China.

We make world-class
production in our modern
facility with a 18.000 m2
indoor area…

Honey Comb

A wonder of nature, the legendary taste…

Honey Comb is a mass of hexagonal prismatic wax cells built by honey bees in their nests to contain their larvae and store honey and pollen.
Honey Comb is a natural product produced by honey bees to contain their larvae and store honey and pollen. The honey consists of a set of hexagonal wax cells generally containing crude honey.

Private Label


Private Label products
in international standards

We take place in industry-leading markets all around the world with our high-quality Private Label products. Alongside our own brands, we dedicate a large part of our production capacity to Private Label products. We produce the products of leading international companies. Our Private Label production, service content and scope are shaped in accordance with the demands and needs of our customers. Our Private Label production service encompasses the entire process from R&D activities to the delivery of the products.

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